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Original, provocative and exceptionally prolific, Dane Baptiste is hailed as one of the most exciting acts to break in years. The London born stand up made comedy history as the first black British act to be nominated for a Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has written and starred in his own BBC sitcom series.

★★★★★ ‘A comical genius’ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine  

★★★★ ‘A striking set’ Guardian

★★★★ ‘Observational comedy at its finest’ The Independent

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All Shows below are free entry, with pay what you want donation to act after show.




Simon Caine: Every room becomes a panic room when you overthink something enough.

Comedian Simon Caine is going to Edinburgh 2019 with a new show. In order to do that, he needs to try out his new jokes on you, YES you.
In this latest show Simon looks at his relationship with happiness and social media and how they don't work together with "Quick one-liners [that] rub shoulders with more involved material that rewards you paying full attention" (The Wee Review) and "[his] eccentric turns of phrase and paranoid persona is immediately entertaining, and his tales of irrational exaggeration are simultaneously relatable"(Broadway Baby).
I've come close to winning 4 national comedy awards (semi-finalist), done over 1,200 gigs and toured the UK three times...if you like hilarious storytelling, witty one-liners and structured narrative-led comedy, this is the show for you.



Fiona Coffey: Honeys Happening.

It’s 1968! Suburban housewife Honey Childs is hosting a Happening in her living room and you’re invited! Join Honey and her daughter Barbara for cheese and pineapple and retro party games as she embarks on a serious mission: to bring about world peace. Decide if you're Hip, Square or Way Out There in this heartwarming, funny, interactive show. THE SCOTS REVIEWER ***** FRINGE GURU **** THE SKINNY***** " BROADWAY BABY****



Northern Power Blouse: Needlessly Cheap.

Join Northern Power Blouse for some sketches, silly songs and highly flammable blouses. Between them this trio of feisty northern lasses have written for Radio 4, Comic Relief, Comedy Central, popped up on E4, ITV and been finalists for the BAFTA Rocliffe & Musical Comedy Awards 2018. “Their talents are obvious” – The List


Andy Storey: Still (awkward) Life.

"It's difficult being a human person." Happy behind the curtains closed, and determined to keep the world at arms length Andy examines the painfully awkward moments of life (social conventions, strained human relations, self help, self doubt and problems transporting a single potato) with a super dry wit and relaxed charm. Expect tight stand-up comedy in a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.

"Andy Storey is so dry he is arid...better than a bottle of Pinot." Sue Pollard.

"Determinedly low key...truly funny." Ed Fest Mag.



Jay Bennett: An Audience with Yasmine Day.

Failed 80's diva and noted pub singer Yasmine Day, boldly attempts to revive her flagging career with an extravaganza concert of 80's power ballads only slightly hampered by cheap karaoke tracks, over-ambitious costume-changes and her own grandiose sense of self.  Finalist- London Cabaret Awards Nominated- 'Best Comedy Event'- Buxton Fringe

Debut character comedy from Jay Bennett



Katie Pritchard: Storm Stud.

Brand new musical comedy show from carnage-wielding, storm-stud of a snazzy-idiot: Katie Pritchard. “Mind blowing” (Herts Advertiser), “Inventive and hilarious” (Broadway Baby), “Always original and entertaining” (Female Arts Magazine), “Katie Pritchard is a veritable Sizewell B” (Chortle). 

WINNER Musical Comedy Awards 2019

WINNER 2Northdown Comedy Competition 2019

Finalist Leicester Square Theatre Sketch Off Competition 2019

Ever been given unsolicited advice? In this show, Katie explores all the awful  advice she's ever received, by doing the exact opposite. Expect incredible (very hand-made) costumes, chaos, and some pumping original choons in this high-octane romp through Katie’s synapses; enjoy observational comedy from a completely different angle. 



Pam Tilling & Eleanor Bennet: Pam and Eleanor are...catching crabs in Hastings

One day Pam and Eleanor decided to go to Hastings. 'We could tell jokes and stories and make people laugh' said Pam. 'But what if they don't like us' said Eleanor. 'We could talk to strangers anyway' said Pam. Eleanor wasn't sure because they were both middle aged and clueless and weren't Enid Blyton characters. But it didn't matter, and they both lived happily ever after. Catching crabs in Hastings



JB Carter & Phillip Alexander: APAPAlypse Now: Childproofing for the End of Days.

American, JB Carter (Finalist: Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year 2017, Shortlist: BBC New Comedy Award 2018, as heard on BBC 4 Extra), and Northern Irishman, Philip Alexander, have brought children into this world. Now? Really? Couldn’t they have picked a better time? Should they start digging bunkers, or just switch off their newsfeeds, put down their medical journals and get busy being papas?



Cally Beaton: Invisible.

Invisible, the brand new show from Cally Beaton (as seen on QI), is a hilarious, unflinching look at the business of being an adult. This is the story of the time Cally nearly died, in Iceland - the country, not the shop. Cally mines the funny where you least expect it. She won't go gentle into that good night. She might go mental. But she'll never go gentle.






The Manics.

Dai Davies and Dylan Jones present an informed, sincere insight into the highs and lows of bipolar disorder, and the challenges and rewards which come with a mental health condition.  
The Manics is a comedy show with mental health issues. Dai Davies and Dylan Jones ask “who is truly mad”? The Mental Health Team thinks it’s them.  They think otherwise. They were outvoted.
 It is above all a stand up comedy show, with the emphasis on laughter, rather than an educational experience. The show reflects Dylan and Dai’s own experiences of mental ill health and wellness.

“Hilarious and entertaining” – Jokepit. “A pleasure to watch” – Wales Online



William Stone: Gathering Moss.


William Stone (BBC new comedy award finalist 2018) is gathering moss, stuck somewhere between reality and dreams in the nineties. Come on a journey into his world through a nostalgia – filled show formed of whimsical one liners and offbeat observations. ,’’William Stone cracks me up, he’s got some belting gags that I wish I’d thought of. Highly recommended’’ Angela Barnes.



Nick Horseman: The Rhyme Scheme.

Over the past year, ''Horse'' has got married, survived a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that killed 450 people and given up his day-job to become the biggest rap superstar of all time. This is his story, told to a bangin hip-hop beat. Horse was previously half of musical double act ''Horse & Louis'', Musical Comedy Awards runners-up 2010, BBC New Comedy Award semi-finalists 2011, appearances on BBC Radios 2 and 4


Steve Mclean: Action Figure Archive with Steve McLean.

Steve opens his old toy box and rediscovers your faves from He-Man, Transformers, Star Wars and many more (about three more). Remember when toys were better? Your memory might be playing tricks on you. ''A hilarious walk down memory lane'' The Scotland Herald.  ''A fun examination of nostalgia and nerdiness ''Wired Magazine   "Geeks and nerds unite in this fun show"
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