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8pm Catherine Bohart: (Work in Progress)

At the beginning of 2020, Catherine Bohart was busy writing a stand-up show about moving into a new home with her long-term partner and about how life in general was going pretty well. This is not that show. An hour of new material from one of UK and Irish stand-up's most exciting talents. 

As seen and heard on Mock The Week, Funny Festival Live, The Mash Report, Roast Battle, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, The Stand-Up Sketch Show, Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier and The Guilty Feminist podcast.

 ‘Destined for stardom’ Evening Standard ‘The laughs keep coming and, finally, so does a tear or two. Marvellous’  ★★★★ Times ‘Beautifully-delivered hour’ ★★★★ Skinny

‘Packed full of laughs’ ★★★★ Herald

Tickets £7 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)

9:15pm TBA




8pm Fiona Allen: Fiona Allen has a problem - Forced Association

Fiona Allen has a problem - Forced Association. Those times when you’re forced into groups with people you’d rather avoid. Weddings, funerals, gym classes, Playground Mums - Fiona’s not a grinch but she doesn’t suffer fools and there’s a lot of them in these groups.

Forced Association, family, friends and the people you can’t escape will feature in Sweet FA, a new show from the star of the award-winning Smack The Pony and one of the most natural and engaging comedy performers around.

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW) ( 30 min show)

9:00pm Mary Bourke: The Brutal Truth

Irish comic Mary Bourke presents a show that's brutally honest and brutally Funny. 

One of the best female acts in the country'' - GQ  ''The audience loved her'' THE INDEPENDENT ''An hour packed with fine routines and beautifully written gags'' Scotsman ''Savage and lyrical'' THE NEW STATESMAN

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)





7:30pm Robyn Perkins

In a competitive world where confidence can outweigh skill, Robyn Perkins (Sydney Fringe 2019 Comedy Award Winner) looks what is confidence, how do we get it, and how does it affect performance? Is the ultimate confidence being ok with not winning? Through relatable personal anecdotes, engaging science, and interviews with pro-athletes, Robyn Perkins (4 stars, Chortle) explores how her VERY competitive nature has shaped her confidence, professionally and personally.

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)

8:45pm Lily Phillips: Smut

SMUT is the long anticipated show by newcomer Lily Phillips, that was going to be about feminism but is now going to be about her dog.

As seen on BBC3, ITV2 and All4, Lily is one of the most exciting new voices on the UK comedy scene. Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year Runner up, Funny Women FINALIST, Komedia New Act FINALIST, Max Turner FINALIST and part of the prestigious Pleasance Reserve, Lily is pumped to bring her debut hour of stand up comedy to the Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival. Join her hilarious journey from cheerleader to feminist, to dog mother.

‘cheery disdain for the genteel and a bulletproof confidence’ (Chortle)

'Charming and moderately obscene' ★★★★ (The Scotsman)

‘Dry, feminist wit’ (The Evening Standard)

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)


10pm Tony Law: A Now Begin in Again.

An ageing so called comedian comes out the other end of the plague of Justinian while time traveling and learns absolutely nothing going into our most recent bollockstes. How(sic) is life about?  Wtf was that? anyone dream in Zelda?  There really is no point in any of it.  Start what again?  It was way shitter for way more people than me but that doesn’t stop me feeling sorry for myself.  I’ve rotted. Really hadn’t handled that well until I harnessed the power of time travel.  Work in pro - gress

 I’ll try to be funny for a minimum of an hour but I don’t really know what techniques I’ll use. Probably shouting and then quiet talking and a whole bunch of arseing and clowning. Thank you. 

Tickets £10 (Limited Tickets)



7:30pm Helen Bauer: Madam Good Tit

Helen is basic, well basic-plus because she is self-aware with it.  Last year’s Best Newcomer nominee returns with an hour about self-confidence, self-esteem and self-care. It’s the year of ‘self’. Taking care of yourself has never been more ‘in’. Inspirational quotes and facemasks are a big industry, and, like all her friends, Helen is trying to ‘be the change she wants to see’. From BBC One, Dave, ITV2, Comedy Central and Radio 4. “A personality that will fill a stadium… This girl will not be performing in small venues for much longer” ***** Sunday Express.

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)

8:45pm Micky Overman

Comedian Micky Overman returns to the Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival for a 4th year with her new show: RIDDLED. This year she delves into her early twenties when a minor medical issue resulted in heartbreak, unemployment and a possible encounter with a witch. A silly, smart and inventive hour from this Chortle Best Newcomer Nominee. "A pin-sharp torrent of precision gags and delightfully silly one-liners" (The Observer)

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)

10pm Patrick Spicer

Patrick Spicer (“Silliness, cheekiness.. Silly” – Chortle) returns to Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival with a work-in-progress of his debut stand-up hour.   A silly show about having drugs too young, sex too late, booze too much, and the unshakable belief that you are going to horribly die. Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2018 – Nominee Amused Moose New Comic Award 2019 – Finalist

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)




3:45pm Ian Lane: How To Get Up In The Morning

It takes the average Brit 49 minutes to get ready for work. Too long! Ian Lane (autistic multimedia comedian and record-breaking videogame speedrunner) investigates how to shave precious minutes off your morning ritual. This is a WIP stand-up comedy show set in a post-Covid world where getting out of bed now seems futile. ‘Powerful, provocative stuff’ - Disability Arts Online

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)

5pm Jenan Younis: Jenanistan (Work in Progress)

BBC New Voices winner, Amused Moose, 99 comedy club award finalist and host  of the BBC sounds show “JENAN & FRIENDS COMEDY HOUR”, Jenan brings you a work-in-progress show of what it means to be an ethnic minority within a minority in woke-ish modern Britain.

Growing up Middle Eastern in middle class middle England makes it pretty tricky being your ethnic self. But now Jenan finds herself in a world where you can’t say ethnic any more (oh no it’s “person of colour” now) and Stacey Dooley knows more about her motherland than she does, not to mention the fact that every British fridge has a tub of hummus (or is it humous?) Jenan decides to outwardly start wearing her ethnic self on her sleeve; but it’s not without difficulty.

“Sharp, hip smart comedian – not to be missed!” The List

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)


6:15pm Jack Hester: Portrait of a Human (Work in Progress)

This is a show about Jack Hester growing up in a political family in conservative Catholic rural Ireland before moving to liberal progressive Brighton to university. Packed with anecdotes and cultural insight.

Jack is a good craic, high energy comedian, he is a previous finalist in Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival new comedian of the year. A regular performer in top London clubs such as the comedy store , backyard and Covent Garden comedy club.

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)





5pm Adele Cliff: In The Dark (Work in Progress)

2020 UK Pun Champion Adele Cliff brings her new show about the power of knowledge and the power in refusing it to the Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival. New jokes, new ideas and hopefully a new haircut. Dave's Funniest Jokes of the Fringe 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016.

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)


6:15pm Pope Lonergan: Incontinence Pad Disposal (Work in Progress)

Pope Lonergan is a comedian, Quaker, (recovering) drug addict and creator of ‘Pope’s Addiction Clinic’ and ‘The Care Home Tour’.

In this work-in-progress show he’ll talk about opioids, elderly care and accidentally breaking a woodlouse’s pregnancy sack - along with anything else that comes to mind. He’ll be releasing a comedy memoir with Penguin (Ebury) in 2022.

“Outrageous material...matched by a rambunctious delivery” ~ The Guardian

“From fearless and funny to heart-stoppingly raw ★★★★  ~ Evening Standard

“A very honest piece of conversation [that’s] captivating, even when it teeters towards the nauseating” ~ Robin Ince (The Big Issue)

“The stories are awkward, humiliating, awful and hilarious, occasionally shocking but deeply compelling” ~ iNews

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)

7:30pm Ali Woods

Half-English, half-Scottish Londoner, Woods is an exciting new stand-up comedian on the UK circuit, having won Hackney Empire New Act of the Year 2020. He has also appeared on BBC Radio 4, TalkRadio, TalkSport and hosts his own podcast All I Do Is Fail, as well as written on sketches for BBC Three. His online comedy sketches under the tag @aliwoodsgigs have gained millions of views and likes. “In a world of wannabes, Woods is the real deal” (Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard).

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)

8:45pm President Obonjo: Stolen

A military dictator survives an Attempted Coup by the West and lives to tell his story

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)

10pm Last Orders

Get some drinks and grab a seat as a selection of comedians take over the Deep Blue!

Following that we will seek to then take both pirate ships that are stranded on the crazy golf course and take them out for a Maiden voyage.

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)