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Saturday 15th june

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TONY LAw: A Lost Show

Tony Law's back to seaside for a one show special of his new exciting tour show, A Lost Show on Saturday 15th June as part of a brilliant line up at the Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival 2019.
Watch him and through laughter – rise, happier. You cry, with laugh. ‘What was that!?’ ‘I loved that’. Then you smile to yourself. ‘Tony, you grande dickhead, you making me thinking while you do ‘up’ voice shouting ‘n’ clownsing and then, somehow, through idiocy and your bones of funny – Tone, I know what you mean’.
A mind-changing, comedy-art, laugh-affirming experience you’ll never forget. Expect accents, observations, shouting, clowning, shadows, shadow puppets, a space bear puppet, music, bad music, falling and white face paint. This show finds the vulnerability in us all.
Tony has appeared on Have I Got News For You, The Alternative Comedy Experience, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and The Infinite Monkey Cage.


        Tickets £7               

All Shows below are free entry, with pay what you want donation to act after show.





Valerio Sara: Unbelievable!

Valerio Sarà is an Italian eccentric who has toured his unique brand of surreal stand-up across the UK. He was born in Naples: a city where even driving a car is a pleasurable chaos and an adventurous challenge. His experience of the city’s variety and flavours lends a magnificent punch to his set.


Nigel Lovell: Mocking a Murderer.

Nigel Lovell went to school with a murderer. He also knows a little bit too much about serial killers. He also thinks that being a comedian would be the ideal job for a serial killer. This comedy kills.


Harry Stachini: Tigers Don't Cry.

The show is based around the question of 'why?'. Why do you do that job? Why do you love that person? Why do you believe what you believe? How many of us actually know why we make these choices compared to ‘what’ we make them for is what fascinates me. This isn't a TED talk, it’s just one man’s rambling journey questioning why the hell we do what we do.



Patrick Spicer: Now I’ve Seen Anything.

Patrick Spicer (Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2018 Nominee, BBC3 Writer/Performer) returns to Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival to deliver a work-in-progress of his first solo show. In doing so, he temporarily gains the approval of himself.

Expect offbeat stand-up from a surprisingly confident new comedic voice via a mashup of anecdotes, silliness, and unambiguous requests to be liked. Join him as he shares his hard-earned insecurities and poorly considered perspectives.



President Obonjo: Goodbye Mr President.

An African President who gave up running his country to perform comedy. During a state visit to the UK, President Obonjo meets a young English man, the fateful meeting defines the president and his presidency. Join President Obonjo as he take you on a journey about a African president and a English man through modern Britain.





Darren Lerigo, Eleanor Morton, Klaus White: The Daft.

The Daft - an hour of joyous, silly, alternative comedy to brighten up your day .Come join Eleanor Morton (Tour Support for Frankie Boyle), Klaus White (Bath New Act Runner Up 2018) and MC Darren Lerigo for an hour of daftness from the alternative comedy scene.



Zahra Barri: Zahra Barri’s Special.

Zahra’s never stood in front of a mirror and taken a selfie. Nor has she intentionally made herself look like a dog on Instagram. Zahra doesn’t think she’s special so why does everyone else think they are? She begs, “Don’t be a big head but don’t be narrow minded. Just have a normal sized head, please.” “Edgy and very funny", Cheeky Monkey Comedy 'A buzzy fluffball of comedy unafraid to take risks, a cute puppy with a surprising snarl.' Mumble Comedy. As seen on BBC Iplayer. As heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra and BBC Radio 2.


Andy Storey: Still (awkward) Life.

"It's difficult being a human person." Happy behind the curtains closed, and determined to keep the world at arms length Andy examines the painfully awkward moments of life (social conventions, strained human relations, self help, self doubt and problems transporting a single potato) with a super dry wit and relaxed charm. Expect tight stand-up comedy in a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.

"Andy Storey is so dry he is arid...better than a bottle of Pinot." Sue Pollard.

"Determinedly low key...truly funny." Ed Fest Mag.



David McIver: Teleport.

It's the second show from stupid character comedian David McIver, all about escapism, role-playing games and loneliness. 'Had his audience in fits of laughter... ' ***** LondonTheatre1. 'Uniquely inventive in its approach to comedy' ****½ Short Com. 'A refreshing breath of air in every sense' **** Broadway Baby. Heard and seen on BBC Radio 1, Radio 4 Extra, BBC Three and iPlayer.



Robyn Perkins: Just In Case.

On August 14, 2018, Robyn Perkins (4 Stars, Voice Magazine) participated in a dating show in front of a live audience.  Her experience led to her exploring human morality and the social constructs of present day dating, with a scientific twist.

Robyn is known for her “confident, charming and relatable personality” (Edinburgh Festivals), which allows her to delve into complex and uncomfortable territory. Why are we moral beings? Have moral behaviours evolved, or are morals a by product of intelligence?  What is the role of morality in attraction? These questions are explored as she shares the the story of the most uncomfortable moment she has ever had on stage.

“Hilariously unapologetic...a unique twist on your average stand-up hour.” ★★★★  EdFest Magazine

" Brilliantly witty with some fantastic stories along the way. Highly recommend." ★★★★ Fringe Biscuit


Nathan Roberts: Saboteur.

SABOTEUR is an anecdotal multi-media stand-up show about obsession, cinema, and relationships. Comedian Nathan Roberts sees his life like and movie and over the course of this innovative show attempts to turn the hilarious story of his last relationship into a rom-com screenplay live on stage, but things go awry as he discovers that the movies can’t prepare you for the left turns that real life brings. 





Cally Beaton: Invisible.

Invisible, the brand new show from Cally Beaton (as seen on QI), is a hilarious, unflinching look at the business of being an adult. This is the story of the time Cally nearly died, in Iceland - the country, not the shop. Cally mines the funny where you least expect it. She won't go gentle into that good night. She might go mental. But she'll never go gentle.



Olga Koch: If/Then

The Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and self-proclaimed Taylor Swift of the London comedy scene Olga Koch is back! This time she is getting more intimate, more experimental and more heartbroken. The acclaimed storyteller shares one fateful turn that changed her life forever, the only way she knows how- through the medium of computer programming (which she studied at university and, like, barley ever brings it up) ★★★★The Telegraph



Maisie Adam:

Following her Best Newcomer nominated debut, the winner of Amused Moose National New Comic 2018 and So You Think You’re Funny? 2017 returns with a show that asks why we’re always looking for someone to hold responsible. Whether it’s politics, relationships or a holiday to Florida in the 90s that went horribly wrong, sometimes things just bloody happen. Is Maisie a snowflake millennial shy of any responsibility, or is she holding a mirror up to our blame-hungry society? Before you decide, just Hang Fire a second.






Joanna Neary: Wife on Earth.

Joanna presents her latest live comedy magazine show, which travels about in time and space, in search of the secrets to living a good and fulfilled life, presented by housewife Mrs Celia Jesson. ‘That was a report from Onion (pronounced Sharn) Williams, lady mayor, from 1919. Still to come, we’ll be hearing from a man in Daventry, who thinks that Mars Bars are not only getting smaller, but also wider and meeting a hang gliding vicar whose sermons really do ‘take flight.’ Award-winning comedian Joanna Neary’s much-loved alter-ego, repressed housewife Celia presents a comedy show examining relationships in history, packed with original characters, true stories, and stand up, starring guest Bjerk on disastrous dates.

As seen on BBC’s Time Trumpet, Adam Buxton’s Meebox, Ideal, That Mitchell & Webb Look and more. 'Character comedy of the highest order'-List' So inspired and beautifully executed'-Telegraph ‘Neary has impeccable comedy instincts’ Chortle




The RH Experience: Scrapbook

The RH Experience are back in Hastings with their new show Scrapbook. Completely improvised sketches and songs imbued with their own brand of anarchic silliness & bizarre storytelling.

The RH Experience have been performing live shows & producing sketches for over a decade, performed at Glastonbury and Latitude Festivals, Edinburgh & Brighton Fringes, and have featured on BBC One, BBC Radio 4 & E4.

"The RH Experience are not the pioneers of tomfoolery: they are the masters"- Three Weeks ★★★★★
"A masterful, magical adventure from truly gifted improvisers" - JokePit ★★★★★
"Their sheer amount of brainpower and comedic instinct led to hilarity" - TenEighty Magazine ★★★★★
"Absurd and tear-inducingly funny" - Broadway Baby ★★★★
"Colourful, witty and dynamic" - Mumble ★★★★


Sam Wyatt: I Predict a Wyatt !

Sam Wyatt is recording the pilot for his new Saturday night Gameshow 'I predict a WYATT!' But with so much on the line will he be able to keep it together? 2 contestants, four games and only one host "I predict a Wyatt!" is a well-polished cheesy grin game show with all the hallmarks of a Saturday night gameshow for all the family! However what goes on off camera certainly isn't! ^^A warm up act that doesn't show, a mother as a director, a tec that doesn't know his arse from his elbow and one host who is trying to hold everything together whilst his last chance falls into chaos around him.

"Don't take my word for it ..... listen from regulars at Much Laughter's comedy nights;"Amazing night with Sam with non-stop laughter from start to finish. My sides were still hurting the following morning from laughing so much"

"Can't recommend this fabulously talented comedian more highly"

 "OMG what a funny night..... Sam Wyatt that was brilliant"  "Ripped the Roof Off!" Notts comedy review




Adam Morrison: Blank Canvas a Work in Progress

Father of 3, Husband to a wife, dog slave to two delivering a melting pot of jokes about life, love and other stuff. Adam is a Kent based comic who's a regular up and down the country performing alongside some of the UKs Comedy Powerhouses and is breaking into mainland Europe "Adam Morrison......was the Headline act for a reason, with his funny stories mixed with his one-liners keeping the audience laughing" Canterbury Times



Kelly Convey: Telephone Voice (WIP)

Kelly Convey, "Chatham-girl-done-good", brings us a preview of her debut Edinburgh Fringe hour which travels back in time to her errant teenage years, through her high flying twenties as an executive, right up to the life-changing decision to become a comedian in her thirties. If you'd met 15-year-old Kelly, you would've sworn down on your nan's grave that she'd never be where she is today.

Leicester Comedy Festival Mercury Comedian of the Year 2017 Nominee

So You Think You're Funny?! 2016 Finalist 


Joe Sutherland: Sour.

Some things get better as they age, others turn…sour.

Join Joe Sutherland (tour support for Ellie Taylor and winners of Rupaul’s Drag Race) as he revisits the relationships and 90s pop groups that should perhaps be left in the past.

“Drooling cynicism, punchy jokes and shrewd sarcasm” ★★★★★ Voice

“Cheeky and charming, but also brutally honest, Joe Sutherland is one to watch.” ★★★★ Feminist Fringe



JB Carter & Phillip Alexander: APAPAlypse Now: Childproofing for the End of Days

American, JB Carter (Finalist: Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year 2017, Shortlist: BBC New Comedy Award 2018, as heard on BBC 4 Extra), and Northern Irishman, Philip Alexander, have brought children into this world. Now? Really? Couldn’t they have picked a better time? Should they start digging bunkers, or just switch off their newsfeeds, put down their medical journals and get busy being papas?



Sam Lake & Chloe Pett: Household Essentials.

Sam Lake winner of Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival Newcomer competition returns with a new show. Sam & Chloe are Household Essentials. Think of them like a scented candle. They make everything seem lovely, whilst being ultimately pointless. With talent as bright as a fresh pair of marigolds & being mutually but separately gay, Sam & Chloe present an hour's worth of brand new, stand-up comedy about modern life, love & a jar of marbles on the back of the toilet. This promises to be both hilarious and lemon scented



Eleanor Conway: You May Recognise Me From Tinder

The follow up to her multi award winning, global smash, 'Walk of Shame'. Join charismatic comedian, Eleanor Conway in her follow up show, asking what do you do if you're bad at love but good at sex? As seen/heard on BBC Four Extra, Woman's Hour, STV, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, Talk Radio, Metro, Daily Express.

**** 'Reminiscent of early Graham Norton (albeit sexier)' (List). **** 'Conway is chaotic and electric' (Skinny). **** 'A charm and energy you can't learn' (BroadwayBaby.com).


Tommy Armstrong and Friends.




Katherine Atkinson & Fatiha El-Ghorri: Mocking Birds

Saturday 15th June. 3pm. Jenny Lind

Join Fatiha El-Ghorri (2017 Funny Women Awards Regional Finalist, 2017 Max Turner Finalist) and Katherine Atkinson (2017 Funny Women Awards Regional Finalist) for an hour of stand up as Fatiha smashes Muslim stereotypes and challenges you to re-think what you think you know about Islam and Muslims, and Katherine offers up an acerbic, sideways view of motherhood... if she can be bothered "A comedian so deadpan she makes Jack Dee look like Timmy Mallett” (Steve Bennett, Chortle).

"Fatiha delivers cracking lines with a wicked glint in her eye, one of the funniest acts on the scene" (Funny Women)



Huge Davis:

Straight from his appearance on ‘Comedy Central Live at the Comedy Store’ Huge Davies is preparing his first hour. Combining his dark humour, surreal material and one-of-a-kind customised keyboard, Huge has risen to become one of the most exciting, unique new acts in the UK. ‘Priceless’ (Chortle) ‘Dark’ (Independent) ‘Scene-stealing’ (Telegraph) ‘Perfect’ (The Stand) ‘Appalling (celebrityradio.biz).


Live Music Downstairs.



Micky Overman: Presenting Miss Micky Overman.

 A brand spanking new hour from Chortle Best Newcomer 2018 Nominee, Micky Overman. After years of moving around, Micky has got a career, a boyfriend, and a flat she likes. She finally feels at home. Of course, she's not at home. She's a foreigner and the UK is pretty bonkers. Join Micky for an hour of silliness. "a pin-sharp torrent of precision gags and delightfully silly one-liners" - The Observer



Helen Bauer:

Ultimate Babe and hotly-tipped new stand up comedian Helen Bauer presents a work in progress show of her new thoughts, feelings and emotions on pretty much everything then has alcohol thrown on it.

As heard and seen on BBC Radio 4, BBC3 and Comedy Central UK. Leicester Mercury New Comedian of The Year and BBC New Comedy Award Finalist 2018.