FridaY 9th july

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the crypt

8pm Robin Boot: Rock n Drole

The harbinger of rock ‘n’ drole returns to Hastings for more axe-wielding wordplay and silliness.  This is musical comedy turned up to eleven!

'Big presence, big delivery, big laughs' (Paul Revill, Castle Comedy).  'Clever, unpredictable puns... and the guitar is top notch' (Broadway Baby) 'Hilarious and always a favourite with the crowd' (John Wildgoose, Founder of Into the Wild Festival). ‘Outrageous’ (Ade Adepitan OBE) 'The Springsteen of comedy' (G&B Comedy).  'This guy cracks me up' (Charlotte Briere, That's TV).   'One-man pun machine' (Christian O'Connell, Absolute Radio). Last Minute Comedy: New Comedian of the Year 2016 - Top 3 Make Freddy Laugh, Edinburgh 2017 - Winner

Tickets £5 Reserve a seat or "Pay what you want" on leaving (PWYW)


9:15pm Tez Ilyaz: RoUgH dRaFt (Work in Progress)

Tez Ilyas is back! As silly, smart and subversive as ever, join him for this brand-new hour of hilarious stand-up. Star of The Tez O’Clock Show (C4), TEZ Talks (BBC Radio 4) and Man Like Mobeen (BBC Three).

★★★★ ‘Radiantly entertaining’ The Times.

★★★★ ‘Blackburn’s Chris Rock’ The Guardian.

★★★★ ‘Tez Ilyas’s political stand-up is candyfloss with a razorblade inside: sweet and familiar at first, then shockingly, painfully sharp’ The Telegraph

Tickets £10



Electric Palace  


7:30pm Thanyia Moore: Bully

Funny Women Award winner Thanyia Moore has been a bully, and she’s been bullied. What does that make her: villain, victim, both? This is a candid, hilarious show about being a “nightmare” child - and overcoming it.
Born in the 1980s in South London to working-class Jamaican parents, Thanyia first experienced bullying just after her birth - when her Dad put too many letters in her name. She went on to have too much energy and anger - a bad thing in Jamaican culture, where “children should be seen and not heard”. And a terrible thing if you answer to Thanyia’s Mum Joyce, a no-nonsense figure, feared even by local muggers.
Bully is about a self-proclaimed “horrible child”, who grew through the 90s into a bully and a bullied person - to a background of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn and Stephen Lawrence’s murder. It’s about Thanyia suddenly being the only black girl in a posh Kent school. It’s about acting up to the label “drama queen” when you can’t express yourself. And it’s about whether you can change your ways, before karma craps on your (90s highlighted) head.
Showcasing Thanyia’s engaging storytelling stand-up, Bully is relatable, relevant, thoughtful and funny. It’s directed by Alex Hardy, Funny Women Writing Award winner, who directed Joz Norris’s award-winning 2019 Fringe show.

Tickets £5 


8:45pm Barry Ferns

Award Winning Comedian, BBC writer, MC, and partial human, Barry Ferns returns to Hastings in order to unpack the Russian Dolls inside himself for the amusement of the benevolent public. 

This is a show for the faint hearted (Everyone, essentially). ★★★★★ ThreeWeeks★★★★ Scotsman ★★★★★ BroadwayBaby.com 

Tickets £5 


10pm Sunil Patel: Faster Horses

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses’ - Henry Ford. Mad that he went and invented the car isn't it? Imagine all the people thinking 'please Henry we just want a faster horse' and then he just turns up with an engine on a bed frame that goes 3mph. Anyway, I'm coming to Hastings with some faster horses - give the people what they want I say. 

Tickets £5