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Thursday 13th June

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All Shows below are free entry, with pay what you want donation to act after show.


brass monkey


Alasdair Beckett-King: The Interdimensional ABK.

The multi-award-winning Alasdair Beckett-King returns to this timeline with a dimension-hopping stand-up comedy show. Is a better world possible? Yes, but you don’t live there. ABK makes the best of a bad timeline in this ramshackle jaunt through a multiverse of wonders. Also, Winston Churchill performs the best of Queen. "A singular and truly distinct act" **** (The Scotsman). ***** (EdFestMag) **** (One4Review). **** (Fest) **** (Voice) **** (Three Weeks)



Jacob Hatten: Remake.

Jacob Hatton tries to make sense of our world by remaking your favourite stories, the world and himself (with no respect for the originals) in a blistering hour of adventurous, hypnagogic stand-up. Those who cherish tradition, beware. Those who want a bloody good laugh, do not miss. As heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra, Soho Theatre Young Company.


"Buzzing to watch" **** (Mumble Comedy).
"Attuned to the human psyche" (Broadway Baby).



Tom Toal in Mediocre Boy.

One of the brains behind the AATTA Podcast returns with his brand-new show in which TT comes to terms with his place in the world, asking some tough questions. Sounds a bit heavy to me... he will have some jokes as well... thank God for that. 'A delightful hour of precious personal stuff' (Scotland on Sunday). 'Resplendent with fine gags and a pleasing storytelling rhythm' (Scotsman). 'Tom Toal captivates his audience with a unique brand of narrative comedy, that is as delightful to listen to as it is' (PunchlineUK).

the Printworks


Delea Shand: Madame Chandelier’s Rough Guide to the Opera.

Madame Chandelier looked around the at the opera one day and thought, you know what this stuff really needs? Jokes. Drinking games. A Nessun Dorma sing-along. In a camp fusion of comedy, cabaret, and opera, Madame Chandelier guides you through all her favourite songs. It’s everything you never knew was funny about opera, brought to you by one woman who's got jokes, an accordion, and some F-ing high notes.


Maisie Adam: Work in progress

Following her Best Newcomer nominated debut, the winner of Amused Moose National New Comic 2018 and So You Think You’re Funny? 2017 returns with a show that asks why we’re always looking for someone to hold responsible. Whether it’s politics, relationships or a holiday to Florida in the 90s that went horribly wrong, sometimes things just bloody happen. Is Maisie a snowflake millennial shy of any responsibility, or is she holding a mirror up to our blame-hungry society? Before you decide, just Hang Fire a second.



Niamh Marron: Floater

Dynamic show about a free spirited, self sabotaging human and her ridiculous attempt to restart her life in completely new, murky waters. Topics - Culture shocks, Mental Health, Craic Addiction and many, many mistakes.

“Effective rambunctiousness” - Chortle

“Risky, edgy & a very naughty girl” - Simon Cowell

As seen on BBCNI, TV3, SKY Arts, RTE1 & RTE2.

Owl and the pussycat lounge


Extreme Improv:

Extreme Improv is a fast paced competetive improvised comedy show which blends stand up comedy with short form improvised comedy and game show elements. Our performers battle with comedy for a chance to win the Extreme Improv Championship belt and perform scenes, songs and stories based entirely on audience suggestions.

Extreme Improv has performed all over the UK and internationally at comedy and improv festivals including the the world famous PianoFight in San Francisco, the Tokyo Comedy Store in Japan and in Improv Festivals in Florida, Alaska and Copenhagen.



Alex Kealey: Rationale.

After last year's "storming show" (The Sunday Times), political comedian and "rising star of the British stand-up scene" (The List) Alex Kealy presents a new hour of comedy about changing your mind, the emotional and the rational.

 “This is clever comedy... you come out feeling like you’ve done yourself some internal damage from laughing so much.” ★★★★ Shortcom

 “Hilarious... fresh, insightful, and original... a great hour of cerebral stand-up” ★★★★ - FringeGuru

 “This is intelligent, informative, funny stuff from an important voice” - ThreeWeeks



Ross Drummond & Harry Monaghan: The Orb.

Ross Drummond and Harry Monaghan (Leicester Square and 2Northdown Semi-Finalists,) run The Jerk Store in London. For their split hour of stand-up comedy, they’re discussing all things The Orb. Is it sciences greatest invention? Probably. Should it all have stopped there? Definitely, maybe? It’s hard to say, Microwaves are pretty great too. From Upper Crust to Fleeces, Good Will Hunting and Aberdeen in the 90s. Come see two comics who’ve touched The Orb and be in for a chance to yourself… 



Kai Samra: Underclass.

Kai Samra is on a mission to subvert lazy stereotypes based on his personal experience of life as a working-class British-Asian. Interspersed with extracts from his interview with former leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson. Kai tries to understand the rise of right-wing politics, working-class anger and the reasons behind it. As seen/heard on ITV2/BBC3/BBC Asian Network/BBC Radio 4.



Jim Campbell:

The award-nominated stand up Jim Campbell returns with a new show about descending from a psychopathic Scottish clan, anger management, having plastic surgery at 9 years old and much, much more.

"Packed full of gags... punchlines are laugh out loud thanks to the clarity and originality of his thinking" - Chortle.

The List **** Fest **** Broadway Baby **** One4Review **** Short Com ****



Archie Maddocks:

Award-winning Archie Maddocks presents an hour of biting, provocative, unflinchingly funny comedy where he explores his deepest and darkest thoughts, exposes his flaws and interrogates his personal connection to Grenfell Tower. Fresh from a stint in the BBC Writers room, having previously toured South Africa and Europe, this “super cool, super smart storyteller" (Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke and Evening Standard)


Deep blue - whistle trago


Eleri Morgan and Esyllt Sears: E’s are Good.

Esyllt and Eleri are two good E’s. Esyllt wants to be the great next social commentator, shattering life's big myths about societal expectations placed on women etc. Eleri is just doing this for attention and will take what she can get. Spend an hour in the company of these hilarious woman as they tell stories, make terrible puns and try to forget that they have real lives with real responsibilities.



Martin Willis & Sian Brett: Ham.

Sian Brett and Martin Willis are well-contained emotional idiots and they want to tell you all about it and answer literally none of life’s great questions. They turned down the name ‘Siartin Wett’, because they’re better than that. Just. As seen on BBC3, Comic Relief and at Bestival; written and performed for Radio 1. Produced by Objectively Funny (“the art form’s cutting edge” - Guardian). Suitable for vegans.



Will Rowland: Cocoon.

A show about being told you are weird and isolated, having a big think about it and deciding that they're right.

Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year (Finalist) Max Turner Prize 2017 (3rd Place) "playful...intellectual" Steve Bennet, Chortle

Pump house



Watch Michael Odewale as he tries to figure out where he stands and what he care about in a world full of protest movements.

Leicester Comedy Festival Best New Show Winner 2019.


Kate Lucas:

Kate Lucas has been told she needs to sell herself more. So now she is. Buy her! Join this multi award-winning musical comedian as she tries to figure out how much she’s worth in this ludicrously silly and sharply satirical look at the dark side of advertising and social media. Bring your wallets and your hearts… but mainly your wallets. ‘A true musical genius’(Edinburgh Festivals Magazine). ‘Comedy perfection’ ***** (ToDoList.org.uk). ‘Wickedly naughty and deliciously dark’ **** (BroadwayBaby.com).Leicester Mercury New Comedian of the Year winner.



Tom Mayhew: I, Tom Mayhew.

Tom Mayhew (Leicester Mercury New Comedian of the year nominee 2017 BBC semi Finalist 2018) Was unemployed for 3 years from the age of 18. This is a story of rejections, the Job Centre, being working class, and fighting for your place in the world, with lots of jokes.

‘’His content is from the heart….spellbinding raw and telling. He is a genuine joy to watch’’ Kate Copstick



Jenny lind


Ian Lane: Paperweight.

Paperweight. Spatula. Cushioned tea tray. Chicken lattice. Which weapon would you protect your house with? Ian Lane teaches you how to defend your family home in this deathly surreal, work-in-progress stand-up comedy tale involving space travel, the SAS, and a body count larger than an episode of Watership Down. **** 'His visual aids are exquisite works of comedic gold' - One4Review. 'Inventive, cliché-phobic comedy' - Chortle.


Thanyia Moore: Bully(?)

Was Thanyia Moore bullied? Or was she the bully? Join the Funny Women Award Winner 2018, as she seeks to find the answer of this hilarious account of her childhood.


Paul Merryck: Local Businessman Unrepentant.

Appearing for the 4th successive year, Paul Merryck is delighted to bring his one-man show ‘Local Businessman Unrepentant’ to Hastings. Feckless, amoral and utterly unabashed, this middle-aged chancer disdainfully deconstructs the disaster that is his life in a hilarious sequence of gags and anecdotes. “This Essex bloke is something of a geezer … his set proves very effective…. gag-focussed delivery…. high laugh rate…. you’d think that the spirit of Mike Reid is alive and well” Steve Bennett – Chortle July 2018